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ATR continuous reactor and control system

Autico is the control system developer for the range of ATR continuous chemical processing reactors designed with A.M. Technology Ltd., Based in Runcorn, Cheshire.

AM Technology is a UK based process engineering company focused on developing innovative solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical process industries.  

Over the past 8 years, AM Technology and its partners have been developing new types of process reactors and analytical control system.  

Referred to as Agitated Tube Reactor (or ATR), this new reactor design leads the way in continuous reactor technology.  

A variety of control systems are available with the ATRs including Eurotherm, Honeywell and a custom control system developed by Autico.  Measurements include temperature (per tube), pressure and flow.  Flow rates and batch quantities can be controlled by the control system and all measurement parameters can be displayed as numerical values or trends.  External pumps and valves can be controlled by the control system.

For further information, visit A.M.Technology’s website at www.amtechuk.com

June 2013