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Coflux© batch reactor and control system

Autico is the control system developer for the range of Coflux© chemical reactors designed with A.M. Technology Ltd., Based in Runcorn, Cheshire.

AM Technology is a UK based process engineering company focused on developing innovative solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical process industries.  

Over the past 8 years, AM Technology and its partners have been developing a new type of batch process reactor and analytical control system.  

Referred to as Constant Flux (or Coflux®), this new design incorporates improved temperature control and process analytical features, which can transform the performance of batch processes.

Unlike conventional reactor designs, Coflux reactors are fitted with a variable area heating/cooling jacket, which controls the reactor temperature using a specially designed control valve.   This arrangement is very energy efficient and provides precise process temperature control.

At the heart of the Coflux control system is a Honeywell HC900 hybrid controller with Experion PKS SCADA.  The HC900 was chosen by AM Technology for its analogue signal handling, valve control and mathematical capabilities and its ease of use.

In addition to traditional temperature measurement, process enthalpy and power are also monitored and used to improve process control.  These measurements are achieved in realtime using the HC900 to performing heat balance measurements across the Coflux jacket.  This valuable process information can be used to evaluate and control batch progress and to detect events such as process end point.  Other available realtime process measurements include heat transfer coefficient (U-value) and vessel wall temperature.

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June 2013