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Autico joins EU-funded Sulfree project

April 2013

Autico has joined the EU-funded Sulfree project which aims to recover fuel from waste tyres.  This project will include the development of a novel pyrolysis process to recover liquid fuel oil.  

Sulfree is a fake rolex watches novel end of life tyre recycling process based on the microwave pyrolysis technology. Pyrolysis of tyres (ELT) produces a gas fraction, a liquid (oil) fraction and a solid carbon char (carbon black) fraction. The aim is to swiss rolex produce from ELT (a) oil with low sulphur content (less than 0.2%) in accordance with EU regulations and suitable for use as sweet crude oil (b) high quality sulphur-impregnated activated carbon (S-AC) that can fake breitling watches be used in swiss hublot high value applications (filtration, odour treatment, reduce mercury emissions). and (c) elemental sulphur (for vulcanization use in the tyre industry).

Tyres are valuable, high labour and cost products and each year more than 2.5 million tonnes tyres are characterised as ELT, which is both a waste problem and a resource opportunity. Additionally, EU legislation prohibits the landfill of end of life tyres (Landfill Directive 1999/31/EC) and The End of Life Vehicle Directive 200/52/EC prevents waste from vehicles primarily through reuse and recycling of materials.