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Autico joins EU-funded Biosonic project

Autico has joined the EU-funded Biosonic project which aims to fake breitling watches recover valuable resources from wood waste such as sawdust.  The project aims to swiss hublot develop and commercialise its novel ultrasonically-enhanced fractionation technology to provide a replica rolex cost effective, chemical means of processing surplus and waste wood into cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin for industrial use and the production of green-sourced chemicals.  The BioSonic separation process is designed to swiss omega be cost-effective at a small enough scale to allow localised processing to take place. Also, due to its modular nature, it will also be easy to scale up for use in larger industrial settings, and as a drop-in piece of process plant for emerging bio-refinery operations.

Autico, in its role as SME, will provide technical support and design input into the control system and process design.

For further information, visit the Biosonic project website at http://www.biosonic-fp7.eu/

January 2013